So people spend £800 on Christmas presents? Huh?

christmas present

I was having a chat with someone today, and they mentioned how expensive Christmas was. I uh huh’d and nodded in agreement for a few seconds, but kind of ended up revealing that my family has never been big on Christmas, so I couldn’t really empathise with the whole present spending spree thing. She then went on to reveal that she’d probably spent around 800 quid on Christmas presents already.

I tried to hide my shock……… EIGHT HUNDRED?! With a real live numerical eight and two real zeros?!

Now, she’s just someone who loves her friends and family a lot I’m guessing, and wants to make sure no one is left out – and in essence that’s a nice sentiment. And maybe she can afford it without bankrupting herself. But apparently people regularly go into mountains and mountains of debt for Christmas. According to the Daily Mail, one in 3 people will go into debt over Christmas. Seeing as it’s the Daily Mail, you can add or subtract 0’s to that statistic as you please, you’ve got as much chance as being accurate as they have.

My parents were the stingiest Christmas present givers known to child-kind. I distinctly remember Christmas age 9. My present was a pair of pyjamas from Primark and a hymnal. Oh, and an autobiography of a teenager who recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome. None of this came wrapped – in fact, I think the hymnal was wrapped inside the polyester pyjamas. Even now, I’m still baffled. I feel like they were purposely trying to mock me.

I’m even more baffled though, by people who are happy to go into debt for people they love. Surely, this is the antithesis of love. You spend a ridiculous amount of money on your 3 year old’s Xbox, and he spends the rest of January and February eating discounted Lidl chicken wings? Erm…that sounds like a conflict of interests to me.

Personally, you’re lucky if you get a pair of socks from me. It’s not that I don’t care about you, it’s that I don’t really care about Christmas. I care about the Christ bit, not the mass. As in mass produced, over priced, direct from Beijing consumer goods.

So I propose a revolution. Seeing as we all know that everything is discounted on Boxing Day, we should just buy presents on boxing day.I feel like being trampled in Zara Westfield by mobs of women is probably more of a labour of love than a leisurely stroll through Selfridges in early December.

Dear readers, how much do you spend on Christmas presents?

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