I went to Aldi and it changed my life.


I am a self confessed food snob.  I have been known to spend obscene, no literally, obscene amounts of money on every day items like manuka honey, artisan bread and and infused olive oils. I no longer consider pink lady apples to be a treat – I’ve decided that the NHS sucks my personal life away from me with a big, fat, soon-to-be-privatised straw, and that if that pink apple adds joy to my evening, then I deserve it. I used to wrinkle my nose at my Mum’s ever so often Lidl sprees, because I was convinced that their food tasted funny. When the Daily Mail revealed that Asda ‘spring’ water was was actually filtered tap water, my inner snob congratulated myself on my snobby spidey senses. I knew that water wasn’t legit.

I like to think I’ve matured a little though, and I’ve realised that actually, my paycheck seems rather extensive until David Cameron hacks at it with his cruel axe, and Boris Johnson literally burns 10 pound notes in front of me in the form of a smelly train journey to Streatham Common. I’m done with Sainsbury’s. I demoted myself to Tesco. I further demoted myself to Asda. And in my final demotion, which I actually consider to be a glorious triumph, last Sunday, I graced the portals of Tamworth’s Aldi.


Nobody told me that soya milk could be 65 pence! I feel like the past 25 years of my life have been a lie. An overpriced “making life taste better”, lie.

The question is, what does Aldi do, that Sainsbury’s or Waitrose refuses to do? And does the food really taste better in the omore expensive supermarkets? Well, the answer to the second question well, maybe. The Aldi’s finest hand selected roasted vegetable crisps that I munched for my mid afternoon snack today tasted great. I can’t deny though that the quality of fruit and veg in the posher supermarkets is generally much better. Also, the limited variety of items that you can buy at supermarkets like lidl and Aldi mean that you can end up going to some of the other chains anyway.

First world problems indeed – but food shopping is, dare I say..an experience? I read that and sound fairly ridiculous to myself, but I don’t think anyone will deny that shopping in Waitrose is..well, nicer, isn’t it? It’s the equivalent of urinating pound coins but the staff in their little aprons and the fact that you can buy purple couscous make it rather pleasant. In contrast, Aldi is very German, very functional and for some strange reason the lighting is dim. Probably those Aldi energy saving bulbs.

Nevertheless, I’m more than happy to squint a bit in order to save a couple of quid on my weekly shop. Every little helps, apparently.

Are you a food snob? Where do you shop? Do you turn up your nose at Lidl and Aldi?

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