How to not be a wasteman in 2015.


My new years resolution is to not be a wasteman. I have some more specific resolutions that involve very noble things – giving more money to charity, spending less of it at Zara, thinking pleasant thoughts about people who irritate me, tidying my room more regularly, not buying any Chinese takeaways, actually listening to Jesus when he says to treat others how I would like to be treated instead of thinking of it as noble but unattainable…but I like to sum it up as just not being a wasteman.

So I thought I’d share some other random specific ways to avoid being a wasteman this year.

1) Find something you’re good at, and do it.

I firmly believe everyone has something they are good at. It’s not necessarily a skill or something academic  – it might just be something like a really hospitable personality. Whatever it is, promise yourself this year that you will find what you are good at and cultivate it.

2) Resolve not to make emotional booty calls.

Real life booty calls are against my moral code, but at least there’s some transparency there. Emotional booty calls are where you string people along on a string of unlimited minutes and text messages, only to bounce onto the person you ACTUALLY want to be with, and leave the EBC wondering why they thought they were on the brink of a relationship. Just be open and honest.

3) Top up your oyster card before you get to the barrier.

For the sake of humanity. For the children.

4) Treat time like you treat money.

Time is a gift. It’s not promised to any of us, and I truly believe that so many people look back on their life and regret how they spent their time. This year, I’m going to try not use time like cheap toilet roll. It’s not for flushing.

5) Worry more about being healthy and less about being fat.

January is the time when people try to lose weight, detox, and fit into the jeans they could fit into before Christmas pudding stole their waistline. Their problem isn’t their weight – it’s probably their whole mindset. Love your body, even the roly poly bits, and then treat it like you love it.

6) Read. Read. Read.

This year, part of me using my time better is to read good, important, helpful things. I’m telling youtube to sit in the naughty chair for a minute, and opening up a good book. Read on the loo, read on the train, just don’t read in the shower. I’ve done that before, and it really ruins your books.

7) Give people, and yourself, the benefit of the doubt.

I am sooo bad at this. I assume everyone is a psychopathic serial killer, and then work from that basis. There are some psychopathic serial killers (Reading suggestion! Psychopath test by Jon Ronson), but the vast majority of people are not. So be kind and open. (But careful. In case they are).

8) Stand on the right.

Honestly, it’s just not that hard.

Escalator +You + Stationary= Right.

Escalator + You + Walking = Left.

*rolls eyes*. Ugh,immigrants. (People from anywhere further than Watford).

9) Learn to take criticism.

I have become better at this since I started writing. All criticism is constructive – it either tells you something about yourself or the person giving it. It might tell you that they are, in fact, a wasteman deserving of your sympathy. It might tell you something about yourself that can be improved on.

10) Subscribe to my blog, share, like and comment 🙂

(I had to plug a little bit).I love interacting with (most) people who read this blog. Thank you for reading in 2014, keep reading this year – I really enjoy doing this.

What are your New years resolutions?


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