6 things/ people that are overrated.

michael jackson



This is all said in good humour folk 🙂

1) Miley Cyrus

Now, I don’t think anyone really rates her as a musician, but she’s overrated enough to be getting media attention for doing a poor impersonation of the ghetto black woman she has concocted in her imagination. Please, Miley, go back to Disney. I secretly used to occasionally watch Hannah Montana when the only other option was Jeremy Kyle, it was a cool show if you’re into that kinda thing. The ratchet shop called and they want their hoodrat back.


This has to be the most overrated animal on planet earth. Now, as a vegetarian who also happens to be curious, I have tried a fairly wide selection of meats just to see what the fuss was about. Once when I was 7, I went crazy at a birthday party and ate 14 ham sandwiches in one sitting (they were the little kiddie size ones). I also drank 7 cups of Coca Cola, cos I wasn’t allowed to drink that either.The pastor preached a sermon about lying that week and I broke down and confessed to my parents (they’re veggie too). But that Ham was good. Chicken though, nah. It’s just an average meat. And yes, I’ve tried someone’s Mum’s chicken that was apparently supposed to be the best chicken in the world. I’ve tasted it 4 times in my life and every time it’s been a complete anti-climax.

3)Richard Dawkins.

I was scared to read the God Delusion because I thought it might cause me to lose my faith. However, it was a refreshingly mediocre work of philosophy, with arguments similar to the ones that used to circulate in GCSE R.E. “Well who created God then?”..and “Religion causes wars” etc. And it won a book award. As a scientist, there’s no doubt that Richard Dawkins is brilliant. As a pop culture philosopher, overrated. I was confused – this man is cleverer than most people, well he’s definitely clever than me, and this was the best he could come up with? If I wanted to dwell in the valley of doubt, I would read Bertrand Russell instead.

4) Chanel no 5.

This perfume is apparently the epitome of elegance, refinery and exudes French chic or whatever. I kinda think it smells like Glade air freshener mingled with eau de nursing home. I really wanted to like it because of the hype generated around it.  It’s classic, it’s timeless bla bla. Nope, instead I went for Jimmy Choo Flash. Which is apparently a lot more tacky and chavvy (not that there’s anything wrong with being a chav, just other people think there is), but in my opinion smells nicer. I would have bought the Chanel Allure, but then I decided ain’t nobody got money fo’ that anyway.

5) Expensive face creams.

There’s some doo-doo cream called Creme de La Mer.Now, I haven’t tried it, but I’m telling you it’s doo-doo. Why? Because it’s just straight up crazy to pay £120 for a pot of snail slime mixed with chemicals. Jesus is looking down at you buying that when there are children in Sudan who don’t have a rice grain to boil or a bean to toot. (Im aware of the hyprocrisy seeing that I spent money on Jimmy Choo perfume, but aaall perfume is expensive, and it came with a free handbag). I was buying moisturiser from Lush for £11 pounds a pot when I suddenly came to my senses and thought “Do I even have a job? Do I not owe David Cameron over £30,000 pound in student loans? Am I not, at this very moment buying Sainsbury’s basics honey with some one colour bees on the front because I cannot afford to buy a pot that has bees with both black and yellow stripes? So why am I spending £11 on a 0.2 mg pot of cream?”

6) Michael Jackson.

Yeh, I said it. Although his untimely death was really sad, I have to admit, I just don’t the hype generated around his music. Now, growing up in a fairly strict Christian home, MJ wasn’t part of my childhood music diet. So when I was first introduced to him, I was waiting with bated breath for my musical tastebuds to be tantalised. Nah, fell flat. I mean there are some cool upbeat tunes I guess, but if I’m on a desert island, Michael Jackson isn’t in my top 10 albums. Not even my top 50. I would honestly rather listen to Kirk Franklin (the Michael Jackson of the gospel world) than MJ all day any day, and I’m not even a massive Kirk fan. In fact, I would even rather listen to Adele. And I think she’s overrated too.

Peace guys! x


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  1. Enes
    October 2, 2013 / 8:29 pm

    Hahahaha! The ham sandwiches though shade….lol kills me.

    I concur with this post (esp the channel no5 comment! I said this to someone the other day but they looked rather offended. Oops)

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