workoutI sit here and eat chocolate covered cornflakes as a write this. I deserve these. Why? Because I worked out for almost an hour today  (I don’t actually recommend eating them after you workout.Or ever really). This is a special achievement for me because although I really enjoy working out once I get started, the process of me getting from the couch, into workout gear and then actually proceeding to work out, is about as arduous as trying to convince someone that Melania Trump’s speech wasn’t blatant thievery (see how I slipped current affairs into something completely unrelated?). Now I’m very happy for all of you who have no problem motivating yourself to get that rear end in gear, but for the rest of us, here’s a few hints I’ve found helpful:

  1. Cancel your gym membership

You know, every day people lie to God and lie to themselves. I once was one of those people. I bought a 3 year, yes 3 YEAR membership to the sports centre at university and I probably used the gym roughly 3 times. But paid over 300 pound for it. The only place in the sports centre I frequented often was the sports massage therapist’s room. I had no injuries because I did no sports. I just wanted massages.

If you’re lazy, are you really leaving your house every evening to go to the gym? No. You’re not. So stop trying comfort yourself by hanging on to that Pure gym membership. Get practical.

2.  Buy some new workout gear

Now that you’ve cancelled that useless gym membership, you have some extra cash to spend. I always find that if I buy an outfit I like to wear it at least a couple of times. Working out in that raggedy ‘ I love Jamaica’ T-shirt and your pajama shorts is doing nothing for you darling. You look awful. You feel awful. You want to sit on the couch and eat popcorn. Wearing something cute to workout can be a great motivator – you don’t have to be slim to find something figure flattering. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. I just bought a top and leggings that set me back about £15. They’re fashionable and they match my trainers – it allows me to convince myself that in time, I could be a Instagram model. This might not be true, but who cares as long as it’s an extra push to get me to do some cardio?

3. Youtube is your friend.

I have paid for maybe 2 classes in the past 5 years. All my classes are completely free. There’s a friendly lady from Los Angeles who corrects my form and tells me I’m doing great. “Thank you”, I reply, and she smiles back at me through the screen. The great thing about youtube is that you can pick from thousands of different workout styles. I’m easily bored so I tend to choose different things every. So far I’ve done kickboxing, yoga, 5 mile walks, Pilates, and even dancing workouts.  Some of my favourite workout gurus are Kierra La Shae and Cassie Ho. They do short 20 minute or 10 minute videos as well as longer ones. All you need is a yoga mat and your body.

4. Rope your friends in

You don’t have to workout with friends, that’s not always convenient although it can be great fun. What can help, is having someone else who you know is working out at the same time or who can give you some motivation. Text a friend and tell them you’re going to set a goal of 15 minutes every other day for the next week and would they like to join you? Or instead of driving to your friends house, jog there (obviously if you’re not tight like that and can’t use her shower or let her see you all stibky then maybe not)

5. Try and eat clean

Working out is all about feeling healthy and looking good. I won’t say there’s no point working out if you’re eating badly because at least you’re doing something – but I will say that you’ll feel much better if you don’t eat truckloads of chocolate covered cornflakes. I eat a mostly pant based vegetarian diet and I feel my best when I’ve had loads of fruit and veggies, good wholemeal carbs and a good week of working out. My skin glows, I’m more alert and I feel better about myself.

5. Just do something.

Often we’re intimidated by people who claim to do an hour every day, lift weights, have super sculpted abs and can contort their bodies into these amazing yoga positions. Good for them, but they get paid to do that full time. You’re a regular human with a 9 to 5 job, be realistic. Not every day 2 hours. Some days 15 minutes in the morning and plan to do another 15 in the evening but never get round to it. That’s ok. Start small and work your way up. I started off doing 1-20 minutes each day and now I can go for about 45 minutes. Sometimes I miss a day, but I try not to beat myself up, I just start again the next day! All progress is good.

6. Congratulate yourself!

Health is wealth! Well done for reading this blog! Maybe it’s a first step to doing something really good for yourself. Every time you workout, you’re looking after your temple and  you’re learning to love yourself. Every step counts, even the baby steps, so don’t procrastinate, start tomorrow!

What are some of the things you find helpful in motivating you to workout?