I can’t date a man who eats meat…


 There are some people who are just a little too picky with their requirements for significant others. There are woman who need men to be a specific height (I’m working on that). There are men who only date ’10’s’, whatever that means. There’s my friend with her 40K salary limit and BBQ sauce disclaimer. There are men I know who won’t date any woman who wears fake hair (I rocked a very fierce afro wig today, so I guess that rules me out).

I personally, can’t date a guy who eats meat. Can’t do it, won’t do it. It might seem a bit extreme to some people, but I think I have good enough reasons for it.

if I’m honest, eating meat is a moral issue for me. I always tell the story of when I became vegan by myself (on top of my vegetarian upbringing) at the age of 4. According to my parents, my teacher sent a note home in my planner asking if they could give me a carton of fruit juice to take into school because I was unconvinced by her pleadings that cows did not have to die in order for me to get my break time bottle of milk. Yes, age 4 I was already a conspiracy theorist, convinced that in order to get milk, you had to slice open the belly of the cow and that my teacher was part of the government conspiracy to make us believe that milk came from udders when they all knew the sordid truth. I tell you no lies. So my parents started sending me in to school with a carton of Umbongo and my self righteous child activism remained intact for a while.

Always quick to respond to new information, as soon as I could verify that this was not the case (maybe a farm trip to Devon age 6?), my cheese addiction began (I’m currently in rehab and things are going well). But I digress. My point is, that I actually believe that eating meat is cruel, and while I respect everyone’s right to eat what they like, I would feel super uncomfortable living in a household where I would have to watch someone eating it every day. Sure, dating might be fine in the beginning- I can’t really complain about a man’s steak when he’s the one footing the bill, but when I think about building a life with someone, the idea of reaching into my freezer and chancing upon a frozen thigh is a bit horrifying. Eating meat doesn’t make you a ‘bad’ person, it’s just a particular moral issue that’s important to me. Just like some men want a woman who…I dunno, recycles? Is passionate about Palestine? You get my drift.

Secondly, I wouldn’t want to be annoying and nag someone about their eating habits at every available opportunity. I personally don’t mind when my brother reminds me of my ongoing resolution to give up mozarella and other related drugs every time I watch him chowing down some macaroni with tears in my eyes, but not everyone can stomach having the food police patrolling around their plate. I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t send my significant other the occasional documentary  – you know, with the shocking titles  -“Turkey! Christmas’s silent killer”, and “Nugget Nagasaki: The horrific tale of chicken slaughter.” I would probably give slightly disapproving glances at mealtimes, and smugly murmur that vegetarians have lower rates of heart disease and cancer, and doesn’t he want to grow old with me? All these things are irritating, and I’m such a giving soul that I refuse subject another human being to that.

And then because I’m a romantic (surprised are you?) there’s the whole imagining our children thing, and my children are going to be vegetarian. No question about it. Your beef lasagne might alter the moral compass I’ve prescribed for them and  prime their tastebuds to the savour of death. #sorrynotsorry

Lastly, and most importantly, according to PETA, vegetarians have better sex. I’m not sure how they established this, but we all know PETA is a reliable source of information, and we all want better sex lives. (Insert Christian ‘after marriage’ disclaimer for those who are worried I’ve de-converted)

What do you guys think? Extreme? Any vegetarians dating non-veggies or vice versa who care to chime in? Is it hard?

Peace and Animal love xx


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  1. July 31, 2014 / 8:28 pm

    Well, I think you certainly have a point there. On the one hand I don’t think that vegetarians can’t be happily together with non-vegetarians, but on the other hand this is your choice and you have a reason for making it. If you see things like that it shows that a relationship you have with a ‘meat-eater’ won’t be working out in the long term because you couldn’t ignore that his views on the matters are so divergent from yours. That would end up being annoying for both you and him. Then again, perhaps you can convince your hypothetical meat-eating but apart-from-that-perfect crush to question his diet choices. Maybe he’ll refuse to or maybe he has already and decided to keep eating meat, but it’s at least possible that he’ll change his mind.

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